How to Budget/ advertise For a Small Business

So one of the most common questions asked by every individual when he or she started their business on a short scale and tries to market their business on a small scale. Therefore it’s a quicker illustration that what’s a looked like to start a small business, track the profit from the Social Care Homework Help business and how to satisfied funds to pay for your taxes, and finally answer your question that how you increase your personal growth or your monthly income.

How To Advertise For A Small Business

Setup Business Account

The first thing you wanna do is to set up your small business account in a bank is very important to separate your account and your business account. It’s a tip that you should be open both your accounts on the same bank so you can quickly transaction your money at any time without any hurdles.

Budget for the Business

It will vary towards your expectation or reality of the cost of your product, service, offer, or whatever you want to advertise for instance if you sell your product for 10,000 and you have a 100$ advertising budget. Well, it’s unlikely. After all, it can go very far because it’s a massive return o0n your investment. This is why to take a look for actual business and hire homework expert writers so you have the budget of some realistic approach like for 1000 2000 budget which sounds realistic. The other is maybe you take back from your business and try to advertise those products which easily in the budget of 500 to 1000$ budget, just to engage your target market and jump into your door. Moreover, you can add customer benefits with your return policy like 5 times return on investment or 7 times return on investment is often totally possible with the right ad campaign.

Flat lay of business concept

Where Should You Advertise?

For an advertising campaign is to choose the right platform is very much important because it’s the mismatch that here you sell your product or you don’t know where your ideal customer is. After all, it doesn’t make any sense where your customer is not ready to buy your product you just waste their time over it moreover you can also post your process images on the Pinterest advertising platform. Or on the other hand, if you know about your target market you must have to be well aware of their interest or their activity to sell your product to them. for instance, if you want to target your audience above the age of 35 so you can easily set your ad campaign on Facebook to gain better outcome but if you want to add your business at Instagram then definitely you must have to target the youth which is below 35 you have interest in approaching new things independently.

Know Your Numbers

To be an advertising master you have to know your numbers, like advertising business is a creative game in which you can put art and design and lots of colorful images to look your product more attractive but at the end of the day its math, its science behind advertising your product.

Types of Employee Benefit You Should Know About

Employee benefit covered the indirect pay of your workforce this can be a health insurance stock option or any things offered to the employee. Benefits are crucial in the job offer. Well, two jobs offer the same salary they can vary greatly in terms of benefits master thesis writing service hence making one offer better financial purpose than the other. Typically there are four major perks of employee benefits, which are

  • Medical benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Disability insurance

However, nowadays there are another type of employee benefits too which are

Benefits at Work

Benefits at Work

These include working hours and leave, skilled development, food and beverages, employee’s club activity, and gifts. In terms of hours and leave you can think of flex of time including comprehensive benefits In other words giving a please to do some leverage of time salutation to make yourself comfortable for insurance paid leaves and additional holiday.

Benefits for Health     

Money added to their health saving accounts and can be withdrawn with tax-free, out of the pocket medical expenses. Also, you don’t have to be enrolled with an employer’s health plan to open an FSA. These benefits are the change from year to year and are typically carrying in a fixed percentage which could be varying for the employee classification.

Why Employee Benefits Is Important

By offering different kinds of makes employees most interested in doing their job with will it produce a lot of positive benefits for the company or their competitors thesis help UK shows them that you are invested in them in different manners. Employee benefits can increase your company’s bottom line, not the next level. Healthier employees means reduce health care costs for your organization.

Opportunity to Work from Home

Manage should be permitted to work remotely if the employee can easily do their work at home without any difficulty and make his work efficiently, However, if the work can be done under some confidential issue or with some necessary gadgets which just provided by the office, then yes it can’t be possible but think first the betterment of the employee because it’s a kind of benefits which people show more interest in it especial from the last year.

Vacation Time

Far too many business owners fail to provide a business vacation for their employees. Some businesses do allow employees to have paid vacation leaves but sometimes they allow you for discussion of the future goals and or pressure the employees that no time for vacation in the future. This is not a good idea it put down the morale of the employee and he can’t do it properly as they feel unappreciated or taken for granted. As human being employee has also their personal life outside the office for maintaining their mental health in a good way.

Paid Parental Leave

Any parent will tell you that Newborn baby care is very much hard and crucial but it’s also expensive which is why many new parents don’t who don’t receive paid leave from their job, so it’s an important employee benefit service point for the employee at this time is very much important for every parent.

Social Media Tools For Education

Listen to students

Social media education is one of the most effective ways to connecting with others that comes to us more easily. In order to get relevant information students might take assistance from different social media platforms. Moreover, it is important from the student’s prospect to make proper use of social media in order to remain informative regarding the current events and issues. However, in case if students find anything difficult to manage then they should consider cheap assignment writing service UK that would assist them to get all sorts of solutions about their concerns.

All of these questions flutter through our minds as our eyes wander through the gallons of information we search through. So, to simplify this daunting task for students, the following list consists of the best social media tools for students.

The social media tools for education are below their, these tools making help you to get higher education in a more appropriate way. 


This tool guide and find everything about every work like in education, in business, etc. Besides great graphics and themes,  Google+ takes teachers to their students with circles that make managing virtual communication an art. If you also trouble in English speaking problems thus read, Ways to Improve English Writing Skills. Students might need to know more about a particular lesson because they didn’t quite get it the first time.


This tool helps in the process of making effective assignments. Students usually love Instagram for so many reasons but mainly for the photos and effects available to them. Teachers can get assignment express help that taps into the need for Instagram such as photo essays where students take photos, upload, and add captions, or students can even create campaigns for certain organizations or so on.


This considered tool having so many themes to choose from, Word Press has become a popular way for teachers to set up a web of communication and lessons with their students. Chalkboard is an educational theme that prepares students for learning and helps teachers outline goals and objectives while still providing great visuals. Teachers can also use it to inspire students to write more by having them create their own blogs and meet the WordPress challenges.


YouTube is one of the most effective social media tools for students. Educators of any level can click on the education category within  YouTube and find several subcategories such as a university, science, business, engineering and essay writing help UK. YouTube even has a special section dedicated to teachers and how to teach with it. But, even if teachers never visited that section, they could teach using all the great videos available according to subjects or searches.

Ways to Improve English Writing Skills

This one is highly requested, however a lot of you doing your exams in a different field. Therefore may you are under pressure because of your hectic routine throughout the day and can’t think properly to improve your English writing skills in many ways which brings you up to the marks. Some come up with the topmost attributes of English learning and writing by which you can improve your English writing. Additionally, it’s a recommendation you’re learning in a better way from Lingoda, if you want to find more about writing you can go through how Thesis is use for Structure Writing?. It’s an online language academy that is not only practices English writing but also teaches Spanish, German, and French. So long story short come up with the best writing attributes.

Ways to Improve English Writing Skills

Keep It Simple

It is obvious to hear that you want to flaunt your English skill from my thesis help in your exams, which you called the best writing skills ever. Let’s always keep that in mind, simply done accurately is better than complicated done inaccurately. It’s better to work simple well and effective but try to write that kind of English which you don’t even learn yet.

Prepare Key Phrases

Emphasize you have to nice selection of your topic or your wording which you won’t write, it doesn’t mean you have to rehearsal English before writing so you could say before the time arises or you have linking words and key phrases with two examples for each exam. Also copy and content writing tools make you a better writer.  Makes sure you have to compare for different ways in the same way and contrast on the contrary.

Do Not Use Contraction

It is very essential; for academic writing, you just won’t have to use a contraction, like just right cannot instead of can’t, do not instead of don’t, will not instead of won’t, in every writing exams you have to avoid this, it be your word count down.

Ways to Improve English Writing Skills

Read the Right Document

Read the right pieces of writing like if you want master thesis writing help then you have to read and if you have time and the right kind of books which is improving your spelling your grammar or your vocabulary as well. Although if you trying to get a good store in academic writing exams read articles related to your topic which gives you a positive impact on your exam writing.

Check Your Work

Yeah, it’s casual that, after doing one piece of the question, you want to jump immediately towards the next question and skip the process of proofreading. Detailed Academic Writing Guide prove that many students are doing these mistakes up till now and avoid so many points of grade deduction just by not checking their work, which is your absolute priority. If you write less and check more then it could be more beneficial for you, which means fewer words with higher accuracy. With this, your writing is very much efficient in any manner.

Write and Get It Checked

Write as much as you can and then see if you can find someone who can check your work thoroughly and correct it, it’s not like you want to find someone stranger who checks your work online freely, it is up to them that whether they want to check your work or not. If you want then there is lots of secure and tested website who are willing to check or proofread your work in your language. Additionally, be aware when you practice for English or any other thing on-line. Make sure it’s a trustworthy person or company.

Why Is it Necessary to Edit Your Dissertation with Perfection

The dissertation is that term which is widely known among students in their college or university life for sure. It requires a mainstream format and an extensive researching of materials. Moreover, to determine the right topic for it is another great task to handle. Even after all these exertions, once you are done with all the exploring, writing, analysing and discussing, the primary and the most crucial element still remains. Don’t you want to hear about that key factor? Well, let us tell you without any further ado, that essential factor is known as editing. Now you would think that why editing? Thus, we would discuss the importance of editing the dissertation here in this article so stay connected and grab the parts which sound productive to your ears!

Augmenting the quality of the content

There is the only reason why brilliant students secure top grades when you also compose the exact thoughts and ideas in your writing task. Editing is what perfects your piece of work which is penned by you since you never know what serious blunders you might do while mapping out the context. Moreover, editing polishes your content to an ultimate level which makes it glow with the finest quality. Besides, you could always trust on the best dissertation editing service since editing done by professionals surpasses every other content out there!

It fixes the grammar area

As you all know that even the slightest grammatical error could alter the entire meaning in the study and you could not even imagine how devastating it could occur to the dissertation. When you edit any work, you check for the grammars that whether you have nailed them precisely or not. This is by far one of the significant aspects which either can ruin the whole meaning of the study or makes it appear beautiful. The preference is yours! Thus, editing pays attention to all the spelling errors, punctuation, structure of the sentence, lexical usage, etc.

Double-checking of citations

If you think that your supervisor won’t review your in-text citations or quotations in the dissertation, then you are totally living in misconception. You could never reach the intellectual level of your professor, therefore, always recheck, and assure that all your citations and direct quotes are on point. In addition, whatever format you have been provided, you have to spread out the dissertation accordingly. Apart from this, editing also integrates the establishment of the reference list and bibliography in an appropriate pattern following all the rules of the particular format. Therefore, by missing out this intricate factor, you might put your dissertation at complete risk.

Hone the tone and writing style

Editing incorporates the refinement of the whole tone and style of writing. It showcases how you develop the essence of the context by avoiding redundancy and ambiguity. To maintain the beauty in the work, it is quite necessary to pay heed to the choice of words and structure of the paragraphs. All in all, all these elements benefit your study and help in scoring the highest among your peers.

5 Top Ways to Become Pro-Active on Mondays

Mondays are blues, that’s what nearly every student thinks! Of course, when life gets too messy and crowded with tons of assignments, coursework, dissertation and other academic tasks, then students definitely go in depression. The basic reason behind this issue is that they do not get sufficed time to spend peacefully out of overworking. Consequently, students hate Mondays and usually find ways to escape it. Nevertheless, what if Mondays turn super-exciting to you and you could feel the boost in your cognitive and physical strength throughout the day? Obviously, who wouldn’t want to carry out the daily routine in a profitable manner! Therefore, we have some magical tips to share with you in this article, here we go!

  1. Health is wealth

You might have heard this idiom before. Unquestionably, when there is health, there is wealth. Focus on your diet and sleep. Other than online dissertation writing help, there is nobody out there, not a single soul who could manage your dissertation pains and all the necessary stuff of it with perfection. Therefore, when you accept the reality that you have to put all the exertions and get succeeded as well in your academic life, then you must pay significance to your health as well. In addition to this, a nutritious breakfast and a sound sleep of Sunday night make you quite cheerful and rapturous on Mondays. Your foremost priority should be your sleep and diet so that you could commence your Monday with a jovial mood and energy.

  • Plan ahead systematically

Being a student, you have to encounter the harsh realities of academic life which comes in the shape of different academic writing projects and tasks such as assignment, essay, research, coursework, dissertation, and whatnot! We fully pity you with the fact that most of your time gets consumed in exploring, collecting, determining, interpreting, implementing, discussing and other similar activities so that you could inscribe and deliver the assigned task to your professor within the fixed deadline. In this manner, when the day passes and when night comes, you become absolutely oblivious of everything and the solitary thing which triggers your mind every second is the successful achievement of that writing task. Therefore, to avoid this crappy situation along with working on late nights, you should plan and organise the task within an orderly timetable. This would not only solve your hardship of spending late night hours on the work but it would also provide you the solace of mind and body since you would be aware of the progress of the task.

  • Know your best hours

You should be knowledgeable that at what time you are most productive and energetic so that you could attend the classes and lectures exactly at that time. Moreover, there are flexibilities in various academic institutes where you could connect your best hours to study with different shifts. Hence, start contemplating that at what time you showcase your potentials the best and then study accordingly.

  • Workout

You could also allot a specific time for exercise and workout as that it would benefit you in multiple ways. After such tedious consecutive classes and labs, students often become washed out thus, the impeccable remedy of this problem is taking a break and giving your body and mind a pause. Additionally, you could consume this time in other physical activities such as sports, workout, running, etc.

  • Interact within the class

You should participate in discussions and presentations to optimise your learning process. Be as communicative as you can with the professor and peers. The more you would present your interest in the lectures, the most absorbent your mind would become in the intake of the information. Therefore, develop all these easy yet beneficial strategies and live in your Mondays with excitement and enthusiasm.

5 Ways to Prepare Disciplined Notes during Lecture

Is your handwriting spick and span yet you are oblivious of the best ways to take study notes? Do you feel that your notes look cluttered and you cannot extract useful information out of it? If you are facing hurdles in grabbing the right information from your inscribed study notes, then go through this helpful article. In addition, to take effective and properly arranged study notes not only benefit in the recalling of the information but also turn out to be productive in the future as well. If you are a part of academics and anticipate achieving a brilliant success in your examination then, the foremost skill is to develop a perfect way of preparing study notes. Therefore, this article proposes you with some fruitful tips for retaining your lectures and essential points when you need them the most.

  1. Understand the nature of your learning pattern

First things first, before soaking the lecture and formulating study notes, you should be aware of your learning style. You must be thinking that what on earth learning style refers to thus, to make your concepts clear, let’s discuss learning style first. Learning style incorporates the format of decoding and processing the information during the lectures. If you are inclined in writing down the notes on a paper with a pen, then it comes in reading/writing learning. Moreover, if you feel more comfortable with a laptop or other electronic devices, then you have a technological learning style. In this manner, you can also have a visual leaning pattern which entails the interpreting of information via images, illustrations, graphics, etc. apart from this, there are other styles as well which you could choose according to the nature of your cognitive level. Consequently, determine your style of taking information in which you feel intrigued and enthused throughout the lecture.

2. Get equipped beforehand

The second step is to get ready for the input of absorbing important information during lectures. For this tip, you have to gather all the necessary materials which you would need at the time of note-taking together with some basic information on the topic which you are going to encounter. Furthermore, you could also do some pre-reading of the chapter earlier and make an outline of it by highlighting the prominent aspects of it. This way is quite effective during lectures as when the teacher presents the same concept then you would have fundamental insight into it. Hence, make sure to be mentally prepared before the lectures.

3. Use a convenient structure

You are the one who would analyse and take benefits from the study notes that you have arranged, therefore, keep the overall structure of your notes compatible and simple. Simply put, go for that writing structure which looks friendly to you and you feel appealed by it. Hence, the following list represents certain essential rules of the good structure of study notes, so have a look:

  • Listen to the most important information.
  • Use keywords.
  • Make headings and sub-headings.
  • Avoid long and messy sentences.
  • Be succinct.
  • Note down innovative data.
  • Either make bullets or divide the information into paragraphs.
  • Use symbols and shorthand which you could decipher easily.
  • Generate questions and answer them using the information.
  • Make use of mapping and charting methods.

4. Be an attentive listener

You should stay active and interactive in the entire lecture so that you do not miss the necessary details. The best way of doing so is to ask and answer thoughtful questions to hone your concepts and boost up your cognitive ability. Therefore, become an active listener and enhance your learning power.

5. Take help from professionals

Another way of making impeccable notes is to seek dissertation experts who are not only brainy writers but they also envelop you with professional pieces of advice to map out dynamic study notes.  

6 Ways to Become a Successful Academic Writer

Academic writing could turn out daunting sometimes especially when you have the least idea of crafting a fine piece of work. Moreover, students have to encounter numerous assignments, coursework, dissertation, etc. in their academic life. Along with all these tasks, they also have to go through the cumbersome process of attending consecutive classes, labs, finalizing projects, engaging in co-curricular activities and what not! In the whole journey, they become so exhausted that accomplishing all the writing tasks appear a huge milestone for them to surmount. However, they feel on cloud nine if thy find out the right helping hand which could guide them to their ultimate destination. That ‘comforting hand’ could be Online Dissertation UK, when it comes to pen down an immaculate dissertation. Not only you’ll come across the best dissertation ever inscribed but you could also benefit yourself from ample assistance in various aspects of it.

Additionally, a good writer not only makes you confident but also provides you the strength of pulling off the most challenging writing as well. Now writing could be in any shape, whether it is an assignment or a dissertation, you need to be as scholarly as you can. Whereas majority of the students have to unearth the exact ways of doing good academic writing hence, some of the ways listed below would surely aid you out in achieving your academic goal, so let’s dive below:

Prepare the things beforehand

One of the foremost and primary steps of producing a sound academic piece is to be prepared earlier. In case you are penning down a dissertation, then you need to initiate a number of things precedently such as finalizing your topic, exploring profoundly for the study, determining the tools for data collection, etc. Once you have done all the preparations, then it becomes quite feasible to organize the details and they will fall into their right places eventually. Similar is the case with other writing tasks, you just have to assemble all the necessary requirements to save time.

Keep track of your audience

Your target audience is the readers whom you would be addressing through your words. Therefore, keep an eye on them before crafting anything. Furthermore, you can also ask yourself some questions for instance, what ideas you want to propose the readers, why are they reading your text, will they grab your thoughts engraved in words quickly or will they need time to digest the information, how much productive could your text turn out for them etc. consequently, you have to make sure that you have an appropriate answer to all of these questions before jotting down anything.

Scholarly tone flowing throughout the text

What majority of the students tend to commit error is using an informal tone in their writing. The word academic itself refers to the well-versed ideas and thoughts which reflect how intellectual you are. Moreover, the tone is the voice of the writer or his perceptions embedded in a formal and scholarly pattern. It should follow an unbiased way rather than getting monotonous or too much flowery. Always try to appear as much erudite as you can since it is the identity of industrious students.

Focus on your sentence building

The goal of your writing should be to astound the readers with your thoughts instead of confusing them, therefore avoid using long and stuffed sentences. Likewise, short sentences will break the tempo of reading and devalue your work. The best idea to sort this out is to inscribe balanced sentences that could fulfill the rule of conveying your opinions smoothly.

Get along with the time and place

This might sound stringent, but it really is beneficial to cope up with tight deadlines. Time is what you should make most of, therefore plan a schedule and stick to it. Apart from this, there are some students who love to write in a specific place let it be a bedroom or a balcony, so if you have some special place where you feel positive vibes which urge you to pen down, then go for it.

Say it out loud

Once you have formulated the text, read it thoroughly and double-check the errors you have skipped during writing. Furthermore, put yourself in the reader’s shoes and read your text aloud. In this manner, you could easily analyze and interpret the information. Does it sound academic? What new things you could add to it? Do you need to refine it by cutting off the irrelevant details? These are the questions that might pop up in your mind after you have read it aloud and believe me you will find them quite effective.

All in all, there are many great tips for doing flawless academic writing among which some I have described that I hope will yield fruitful to you.

7 Essential Things to Avoid During Crafting a Dissertation

Accomplishing a good dissertation is not everyone’s cup of tea and immense efforts are required to put in it so that the result should be appreciable. On the contrary, there are students out there who are dedicated towards their study and never back away from making struggles. Nevertheless, don’t feel left out in the lurch if you are not among those smart students and it’s totally fine if you are unable to manage your dissertation as, why taking pains and getting frustrated, when there are professional experts who can write your dissertation for you together with providing abundant guidance and assistance in every aspect of it.

Now what are those blunders which almost all of us are committing while organizing our dissertation? There are few of them which are in general implemented by the students and they don’t have the least idea that it might get counted in the deduction of the scores.

Beginning too late

This is the primary mistake which should be abide by every student. Usually, what majority of students do is leaving all the work of dissertation for the eleventh hour. A dissertation requires plenty of initial drafts and deep exploration before giving it a final shape. Moreover, a student has to put immense efforts during the process of writing it. Consequently, wasting the precious time in doing unimportant work is not a wise idea, hence, it should be strictly avoided and measures should be taken to consume as much time as you can in crafting a flawless study.

Exceeding the word limit

Another essential drawback of the dissertation is that students often don’t pay importance to the word limit which is the mandatory part of it. Without taking care of it, they use unnecessary limit of words which results ultimately in the cancellation of marks. Therefore, it is important for the students to act according to the guidelines designed by the university.

Lack of coherence  

A good dissertation contains well-structured ideas and thoughts assembled in proper sentences. Moreover, it should create coherence to convey focused and vivid concepts. Writing which are lacking logical linking is considered as poorly inscribed piece of work. Usage of transition words and subheadings develop a link between passages and ensure an eloquent progression of ideas and thoughts.  Likewise, do not attempt to stretch your sentences if they do not possess the tendency any longer. Similar is the case with concise ones, employ those structures which impart a vibrant message to the readers and they don’t feel any trouble to grab the concept.

Shallowness of the work

A dissertation is an in-depth and profoundly detailed work which requires consolidated research and investigation. Therefore, research questions or data gathered should have sound base and should not lack superficiality. The work which appears to be hollow or inconsequential would not be given any consideration or approval.

Inadequacy of expertise

Professionalism is reflected by the precise formatting style, referencing, and analysis of the study. Any error in these sections could become the cause of rejection of the dissertation. Apart from this, the remaining body of it should also be produced diligently and proficiently such as acknowledgement, content pages, and appendices. Hence, the dissertation will be taken scholarly if it mirrors dedication.

The finest quality of acknowledgement/abstract

Abstract and acknowledgment are the first pages of the dissertation, so they should be dealt with polished skills. Whether you are drafting them in the end or in the beginning, they should possess a solid and perfect beginning of the study. Additionally, they will give the first impression to the readers and you wouldn’t want the first impression of your study goes feeble!

Refrain from plagiarism

All in all, it is your dissertation and you are free to pen down whatever thoughts hit you. Nevertheless, make sure that they should be pertinent and pure from any kind of piracy. Remember, every word you engrave in it must be original so that it may not be reckoned in the area of plagiarism. It is you who could embellish you work with exhilarating scores or ruin it with errors!

Writing Style of a Dissertation

Are you eager to know the accurate way of writing style of a dissertation? If you are about to start your dissertation then make sure to go through this blog as it covers all the details of the writing style of a perfect dissertation. The sole purpose of a dissertation is to produce an original piece of work out of a clearly defined topic. However, it consists of assorted styles and layouts which are listed below:

  1. Readers are the primary focus of your dissertation so your writing style should possess the way which instantly grabs their attention and they should not struggle to comprehend your concepts.
  2. When writing a dissertation, you should be careful in using first person singular pronoun. It is appropriate to say ‘Researcher’ when it is needed. For example, in the sentence “I have collected data in form of close-ended questionnaire from the respective school,” try to substitute ‘I’ with the word ‘Researcher’.
  3. Your sentence should compose of comprehendible and simple structures, therefore, try to avoid massive amount of subordinate clauses which makes the sentences more complex. If your sentences are being longer, split them in to shorter ones.  
  4. Although dissertation is a longest piece of work you might write in your academic field, but this does not refer to writing heaps of pages. Instead, your work should be concise and to the point since the reader cannot consume all the time in viewing your study. Be pertinent and brief.
  5. You should be very clear in referencing and avoid mixing them. You must possess a proper and organised list of references which you have used in your literature review. In this manner, your reader would not face any difficulty in differentiating the original work and the cited one.
  6. As far as plagiarism is concerned, every university has different criteria of it. Generally, 10% of plagiarism is allowed in most of the universities. However, you should stick to the rules and for a proper dissertation try to cite or quote the work of the original authors if you are including different studies in your work. Moreover, you are always heartily welcome to contact affordable dissertation writing service to attain an ideal dissertation just according to your needs along with cheap prices!  
  7. If you are using abbreviations or acronyms in your study, then make sure to define them in the introduction section in the list of keywords. Using too many abbreviations would be hard to comprehend for the readers if you have not clarified that word before.
  8. Do not forget to attach the appendices section in your dissertation which consists of the formats of the tools you have employed in your data collection like questionnaire, interview, observation etc.
  9. Generally, single line spacing is required in the dissertation but make sure to check the requirements of your institute.
  10. The font size which is commonly prescribed is 12 and the font style which is considered appropriate is Times New Roman.
  11. All pages should be numbered starting with the first chapter till the appendices section. Furthermore, Roman numbering would be implemented from the title page to the table of contents.
  12. The header would consist of relevant and succinct words and it would be positioned at the top of the page.
  13. All of the tables, figures, and equations should be given a proper numbering with regard to the particular chapter number within it. For example, if chapter 4 has two figures or tables then, they would be numbered as 4.1 and 4.2 respectively. Moreover, within the text the figures or tables would be referred to as figure 4.1, not by using ‘the figure above or below’ structure.
  14. When you are done with the dissertation, take out time to do proofreading to check what mistakes you might have committed in it. In addition, it polishes your work and makes it more refined. You can also seek help from a friend or peer in doing so as every person has a different perspective so they might have something unique to tell you.